What kind of intercom should I choose?

Based on the transfer technology applied between motorbike and helmet,
there are three different kinds of intercom being used today:

1. Bluetooth: Wireless connection with no cabling needed Examples of Products

2. Cabled: Traditional (spiralled) signal cables are used Examples of Products

3. Hybrid: utilizes Bluetooth in combination with cables Examples of Products

Each system has its merits and disadvantages, your particular needs and preferences should help you choose the right system for you.
Here are some of the distinguishing traits that you should have in mind when deciding upon a system:



+ Normally requires no installation on bike, only in the helmets
+ No cables between bike and helmet
+ May be used on different bikes without reinstallation
+ Communication units and other devices (GPS, mobiles etc.) are increasingly being made with sound-over-Bluetooth capabilities
+ Some devices incorporate facilities for being remote controlled via the bike’s built in controllers/levers

- Changing between intercom and other sources requires manually switching
- Helmet equipment must be recharged
- Pairing between different devices can be confusing/problematic
- Sound quality inferior to cabled solutions
- Interchange/coupling between several sources (bike2bike, mp3 player, GPS etc.) on the bike can be a challenge


+ Optimal sound quality
+ Switching between intercom and other sources fully automatic (switch over to intercom at voice detection; auto-fading of other sources)
+ Easily used for any kind of source (bike2bike, GPS etc.)
+ Utilises bike’s controls for volume adjustments etc.
+ No need for helmet equipment charging
+ Facilitates long range (1 – 20 km) bike2bike communications

- Requires mounting/installation of controller unit on bike
- Requires cables between bike and helmet


+ Same advantages as cabled systems, but uses Bluetooth between control unit on bike and helmet equipment
+ No cables to helmet
+ No equipment pairing problems; devices are hooked to controller unit on bike

- Requires recharging of helmet equipment

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