Motorbike Intercom System PowerCom CONNECT

Motorbike Intercom System PowerCom CONNECT
Motorbike Intercom System PowerCom CONNECT Motorbike Intercom System PowerCom CONNECT Motorbike Intercom System PowerCom CONNECT Motorbike Intercom System PowerCom CONNECT
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The motorbike intercom with integrated Mobile phone hands-free kit


  • Interference free Intercom connection from Helmet to Helmet
  • Complete operation free mobile phone communication
  • Live recordings with helmet camera

Sound sample

Motorradsprechanlage PowerCom ROGER One mit integrierter Funk-Freisprecheinrichtung

Always within reach!

Fit-for-motorbike hands-free kit with intelligent driving noise compensation, automatic volume adjustment and intercom activation on demand for two person.

The CONNECT makes it possible fort he driver as well as the pillion rider to have a hands-free communication via mobile phone of your choice.

The CONNECT offers at the same time a trouble-free intercom possibility without a mobile phone from driver to pillion rider.

The CONNECT is fit for very high driving speeds when using an adequate helmet set. Robust control device space-saving mounted in a solid aluminium case with 12 V from on board supply system.

  • Fit-for-motorbike intercom:
    Crystal-clear hands-free full duplex helmet-to-helmet intercom system makes a safe voice communication possible even with very high driving noises.
  • Effective elimination of disturbing driving noise:
    • Expensive filters reduce the driving noise.
    • If nobody is talking, a fit-for-motorbike voice-switch ensures also at high speed a soft muting of the microphone signals.
    • The helmet microphone is switched off completely if it is not needed, e.g. when driving solo and when mobile phone is not using.
  • Fit-for-motorbike mobile phone hands-free kit:
    • Intelligent signal management:
      The CONNECT recognizes automatically the activity of the connected mobile phone, e.g. with automatic call acceptance.
    • No-handling necessary while driving:
      Automatic volume control of the mobile phone depending on driving noise and with soft cross fading while changing to intercom.
    • Always the right voice volume:
      In order for your partner to always hear you clearly and understandably, the CONNECT is provided with a driving noise dependent modulation adjustment.
      (The transmission quality of a mobile phone depends on the regulated modulation adjustment. As the voice volume will vary, only automatic modulation adjustment allows the best signal quality.)
    • Dialling without handling:
      Voice dialling is possible (depending on your mobile phone). Depending on the mobile phone used, an additional small operating device with a push button is necessary.
    • Extensive universal connections for mobile phones:
      Decide for yourself which kind of mobile phone you would like to connect. With optionally available connecting cables a connection of various kinds of mobile phones is possible. An adjustment to individually trim the connected mobile phone is also possible.
    • Bluetooth compatible:
      Wireless connection with additionally available Bluetooth-module.
  • Various adjustment settings:
    Lowest voice volume level, driving noise compensation, volume of intercom and mobile phone transceiver modulation may be adjusted individually.
  • Easiest handling because of power supply by the motorbike:
    No changing or recharging of batteries necessary.
  • Less mounting effort because of automatic power-on of the power supply:
    Plugging in the helmet connector will automatically power-on the CONNECT. This allows connecting the system directly to the battery of the vehicle or optionally to any 12V power plug.
  • Practical power-on of accessories:
    This function allows automatically power-on connected devices like radio or two-way radio, if desired. Simply plug in helmet connector and start driving.
  • Extensive integrated vehicle dejam facilities:
    Save time and money. The CONNECT is extremely safe from electronic interferences. Also the operation on CAN-Bus power supply is possible.
  • Robust installation for tough operations:
    Die CONNECT is installed in a solid water protected aluminium case. It has weatherproof helmet plug outlets equipped with raised markers for easy plugging-in at the correct position, even with gloves. The electronics are protected by an automatic power-off against over and under voltage. All amplifier outputs are short-circuit-proof and are equipped with overload protection.
  • Adequate helmet sets:
    High quality helmet installation sets are available for full face helmets, flip-up helmets and open face helmets.
  • Dimensions: 70 x 149 x 20mm
  • Driver helmet
  • Pillion rider helmet
  • Mobile phone and smartphone connection
  • Operating device
  • Power 12V
  • Control connections:
    • Bluetooth modus
    • Comfort modus
    • Automatic power activation for accessories
  • Electronic control device
  • Velcro fastener
  • Cable fixer
  • Installation and operating instructions

 PowerCom Operating and installation instructions

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