Helmet set PowerCom HighVoice for full face helmets

Helmet set PowerCom HighVoice for full face helmets
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Including one high quality driving noise and wind noise compensating helmet microphone for full face helmets, two flat helmet loudspeakers for an optimum voice transmission and a robust and highly flexible spiral cord with DIN plug in a weatherproof aluminium case.

This helmet set is laid out for medium to upper speeds and makes a comfortable conversation possible between driver and pillion.


  • LowNoise active microphone
    • High quality transducer for close talking systems, noise compensated
    • Ambient noise compensation optimized with a patented design (therefore obtaining up to 12 dB better noise suppression as with the usually used close talking capsule)
    • Special foam covering for high grade wind noise compensation with reduced dimensions
    • Sound characteristic laid out to provide optimum communication with driving noises
    • No impact sound transmission, e.g. vibrations of the helmet shell
    • Easy assembly with flexible fasteners, will adjust to the helmet form
    • Spacer for an optimum adjustment of the microphone position
    • High quality adhesive tape (like Powerstrip)
    • Double-pole polarity-safe mini plug for a connection to the spiral cord
    • Dimensions of foam covering:
    • 15 x 40 x 55 mm
  • HighVoice loudspeaker
    • Two humidity-resistant loudspeakers with high efficiency despite small overall height
    • Punched cover for the protection of the membrane
    • Ease assembly with the adhesive fastener on the back
    • Two-pole polarity-safe mini plug to connect spiral cord
    • Dimensions: 40 Ø x 5mm / 30 Ø x 11mm depth (outside/center)
  • HighFlex connecting cable
    • Robust black and highly flexible spiral cord, absolutely weatherproof and permanent elastic
    • Cast DIN plug in a weatherproof in diecasting aluminium case, with raised markings for easier plug-in at the right position, even with gloves
    • Mini quick connect-coupler to connect the helmet mounting parts
    • Dimensions: 500/2000 mm (relaxed/stretched)

Device connections:

  • Helmet connections: 5-pol DIN-coupling


  • Two years AKE manufacturer guarantee

Scope of delivery:

  • One helmet microphone
  • Two helmet loudspeakers
  • Spiral cord HighFlex with DIN plug
  • Adhesive fastener and lacing cord
  • Installation instructions
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